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Sometimes, I Hate ‘Reply to All’

I get back from lunch and there are over 300 unread emails! What has happened?! Anyone that has worked in a big corporation I bet knows…

Someone sends an informational email out, and it may not pertain to someone 100% and all of a sudden, they think they are a part of a distribution list (DL) that they shouldn’t be. Then, they have this great idea to hit that little ‘Reply to All’ button and state “I shouldn’t be a part of this DL, please remove me.” Then, a lot of someones decide to follow suit and hit ‘Reply to All’ and say, “Yeah, me neither!”

Then, some other individuals get a different, even greater idea, they hit ‘Reply to All’ to say “Stop replying to all”. Not only hypocritical but just making it worse. Then, there are those other people who like to have fun and send memes or funny jokes while this is all going on. So, what do I do? Right click on the email, and left click ‘Ignore’ towards the bottom of the pop-up menu. Now, I will no longer receive that chain of emails. It also deletes all the ones that I have already received, too.

I breathe a sigh of relief.

BAM! The inbox blows up again. A few someones at the same time all had this collective greatest idea ever! Let’s hit ‘Reply to All’ and change the subject to say “Re: <original subject> STOP REPLYING ALL” with different variations. My right click ‘ignore’ cannot keep up with madness.

Sometimes, I hate ‘Reply to All’.

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In all aspects of life, Jeremiah believes there is room to grow, learn, and find a better, more efficient way. Jeremiah aims to be the Ideal Team Player: humble, hungry, and smart. As a leader, he leads through SHEPARD-ING: to guide and direct team members and organizations in a particular direction through authentic servant leadership and the sharing of knowledge. Jeremiah is a Senior IT/Applications Project Manager who is a lifelong learner as demonstrated by achieving ITIL Expert and PMP and being an MBA-IT Management student. Please note these articles are written by an individual that does not have a degree in writing or journalism… he simply puts down what he thinks or feels and those thoughts and feelings do not represent opinions of his current or previous employers.

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