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The End Of A Chapter

After nearly six years, a chapter in my life is coming to an end. I have so much to be thankful for during my time at Dell Services (now NTT Data). I have met so many people, and not only gained good business relationships but some great friendships as well. My knowledge around leadership, project management, service management, and IT, in general, has grown immeasurably. I have had great lessons learned from my successes and my failures.

Dell Services has presented me with an opportunity to focus on what I want to do and gain a passion around project management. I had great management support around my goals, and I am extremely thankful for John, Jason, and Vinny for that. I gained more knowledge around project management, including more about waterfall, agile, and SDLC (software development lifecycle). I also learned and became an expert in ITIL. This gave me the opportunity to do a lot of process and service improvements to make tasks easier and more efficient.

Working for a global company, I have sharpened my communication skills and was able to successfully lead cross-functional teams, no matter the location. This also led me to learn from a multitude of different perspectives. I find that quite invaluable.

I am going on a stay-cation prior to starting the next chapter in my life. Stay tuned for that!

So here is a question to the community: “What is one of the greatest things you are thankful for in your current role?”

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In all aspects of life, Jeremiah believes there is room to grow, learn, and find a better, more efficient way. Jeremiah aims to be the Ideal Team Player: humble, hungry, and smart. As a leader, he leads through SHEPARD-ING: to guide and direct team members and organizations in a particular direction through authentic servant leadership and the sharing of knowledge. Jeremiah is a Senior IT/Applications Project Manager who is a lifelong learner as demonstrated by achieving ITIL Expert and PMP and being an MBA-IT Management student. Please note these articles are written by an individual that does not have a degree in writing or journalism... he simply puts down what he thinks or feels and those thoughts and feelings do not represent opinions of his current or previous employers.

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