Vision Statement

Jeremiah's vision is to never stop his determination to become a better, more knowledgeable individual (Christian, husband, father, employee) and authentic servant leader. He is committed to being a better steward, in order to provide stability for his family and become more generous to others.

Mission Statement

Through Shepard-ing, Jeremiah's mission is to guide and direct individuals in a particular direction of improvement through authentic servant leadership and the sharing of knowledge.

Core Values



Strong belief in God, based on spiritual conviction rather than proof.



Spending time with and providing for Teresa, Alexander, Zachary, and Madison.



The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.



The acquisition of knowledge or skills through experience or study.


Work Ethic

Moral benefit and importance of work and its inherent ability to strengthen character.



Continue trying to do or achieve something that is difficult.


Servant Leadership

Servant-first to make sure that other people’s needs are being served.



The successful completion of something done admirably or creditably.


Know Thyself

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Want to exchange ideas? Talk about an opportunity? Just chat over caffeinated or adult beverage?


...all work & no play...

Time With Family

This could be watching the same movie for the umpteenth time, kicking the soccer ball around, playing with toys, or being an on-demand jungle gym. When Madison gets older, Jeremiah is looking forward to the thought of family vacations.

Time With Wife

They had 7 years of just them. For the past 5 years, they have strived to ensure that they still make time for themselves. Even if it is just sitting on the back porch talking. She is Jeremiah's best friend and his biggest supporter.


At a point in time, Jeremiah was a co-host of an entertainment podcast. During that time, he listened to a lot of different industry specific podcasts. These days it is more educational, such as Entreleadership and Faith By Hearing with a dozen more queued up.


Above and beyond listening to music often, his first instrument was the recorder. Does that count? 6th-8th grade, Jeremiah played the trombone. 9th-12th grade, he played the bass guitar. In college, his first degree was in Commercial Music. He learned the piano, created electronic music, recorded, and edited music. Jeremiah is wanting to pick the bass after he is done with his MBA.


Ever since Teresa got Jeremiah a Kindle for Christmas, he has read a lot more. Easier to hold and he can make the font bigger! Beyond the non-fiction books, he reads video game adaptations, Star Trek, Star Wars, and Tom Clancy. Without Remorse by Tom Clancy is in progress currently.


Jeremiah likes to help and mentor others through knowledge sharing. In his blog, the 2016 and beyond focus is around Project Management, Leadership, Career, Personal Growth, and the like. Past topics were about reflective learning, management, life, and book, craft beer, & video game reviews. He started writing at the end of 2010 after an NSLS Seminar on digital identity.

Website Design

Jeremiah has lots of fun creating websites. He has this personal one, a previous personal SquareSpace, several free WordPress sites, and one he designed for the podcast. He was first introduced to website design his senior year of high school. He learned straight HTML, Microsoft Frontpage, Dreamweaver, and Flash. He even found his final senior project!!

Photo Manipulation

This is a more recent one Jeremiah picked up. Mainly to do things for the podcast videos and iwebsite. He utilizes freeware to do this, Inkscape and Gimp. He is very much the amateur, but finds it fun learning and creating or reimagining things.

Audio/Video Editing

This was going to be Jeremiah's career originally. It ended up turning into an expensive hobby that he still enjoys to this day. He does miss being able to record an entire band's LP, mix it, and creating their CD. He got to get back into it for a few years thanks to the podcast.

Craft Beer

Jeremiah likes sampling different craft beers. There are so many choices above and beyond the "big 3". Some might even call him a beer snob, and that is ok. He doesn't mind being called out for not compromising on his standards. His favorite breweries are Lakewood, Community, and Clown Shoes.

TV & Movies

This is typically done with Teresa. Due to the amount of content and the lack if time, Jeremiah sticks with Sci-fi and Comic Book with the occasional RomCom movie. Until he is done with his MBA, this is on hold. There is a lot of upcoming binge watching...maybe. 

Video Games

Jeremiah didn't have a console until he was 18 after spending his own money, so he is playing catch up. When he plays, it is on the PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, or PlayStation 3. There are plenty of single player games he plays, but he likes playing multiplayer games with his friends online. It's fun times and a good opportunity to catch up.

If you are looking for someone to take your organization to the next level as a full-time employee, set up a time to talk to Jeremiah.



Team - Teresa S


"Who can find a virtuous wife? For her worth is far above rubies. The heart of her husband safely trusts her; so he will have no lack of gain". 

Teresa and Jeremiah have been married since April 2005.

Team - Alex S


"You will never be alone. You will make my strength your own. You will see my life through your eyes, as your life will be seen through mine. The son becomes the father, and the father becomes the son."

Jeremiah's outlook on life change in September 2012.

Team - Zach S


"Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, so are the children of one’s youth. Happy is the man who has his quiver full of them; they shall not be ashamed."

Jeremiah's smile is complete, from A to Z. Zachary was born in March 2015.

Team - Madison S


"Her fingers may be small, but she can still wrap daddy around them."

Jeremiah's heart softened in October 2016 with this surprise miracle. The family (team) is complete.

Earned PMI's PMP (Project Management Professional).

1st daughter, 3rd / last child, Madison, was born.

Learned a lot around personal branding, career searching, and self-discovery.

Began volunteering at church helping out with the Middle and High School Student Ministry.


Start WGU's MBA-IT Management in February with a goal of completing most, if not all of the requirements.

Start at Alkami Technology as a Sr. Project Manager in February. 

12 year wedding anniversary in April.

Kids will be 5, 2, and 1 years old respectively.

Continue to volunteer every Wednesday at his church.