DISC is a behavior assessment tool that centers on four different personality traits: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness.

Jeremiah is the highest in the Dominance type and is comparatively low in the other three areas. He is direct and decisive and leans towards leadership and management positions. He is a self-starter with high self-confidence, takes risks, and solves problems.

In a team setting, Jeremiah thinks big picture goals and tangible results. He is organized and leads an entire group in one direction. He places great value on time frames and seeing results. He challenges the status quo and thinks in a very innovative way. Jeremiah provides direction and leadership, pushes groups toward decision making, maintains focus on the goals, and pushes for tangible results. He is an optimistic thinker and tends to function well with heavy workloads and when under stress. He welcomes new challenges and risks without fear.

Freedom from routine and mundane tasks is important to Jeremiah. Since repetition can be frustrating, changing environments in which to work can be highly motivating to him. Sometimes, for the sake of efficiency, he can be blunt and gets straight to the point.