How To Fascinate

How do clients and coworkers see you, at your best? What types of tasks perfectly fit you? The Fascination Personality Test is the first way to measure your personal brand's most impressive qualities. Answer 28 questions and you will receive a pretty spot on assessment.

The Primary Advantage, Prestige, is Jeremiah's most effective mode of communication. When he communicates with this Advantage, he is at his most fascinating and influential. Jeremiah is respected, ambitious, and results-oriented.
Primary descriptors? Jeremiah rapidly earns respect. His focus is on adding value through better execution and is conscientious of the smallest details. He is motivated by a competitive spirit and determined outlook. He expects the highest quality deliverables from himself and others, and by doing so, he earns respect with higher standards.
Adds value? People recognize Jeremiah as an achiever and expert. He influences people through high expectations of himself and others. He constantly envisions ways to improve and upgrade. At work, he naturally seeks the next level of accomplishment.


Jeremiah's Secondary Advantage, Power, describes his second-highest mode of communication. Like his Primary Advantage, it describes how his personality is most likely to add value. Jeremiah is confident, goal-oriented, and decisive.
Secondary descriptors? Jeremiah enjoys leading projects and easily wins buy-in of teams. He directs individuals and groups with confidence and success. He sets, writes down, and tracks ambitious personal and professional goals. He is not afraid to express opinions and make complex decisions with unwavering conviction. Jeremiah confronts potential problems or obstacles immediately and decisively.
Adds value? Jeremiah influences others with self-assured ideas and action. He energetically tackles big goals, giving the potential to motivate large groups. At work, he persuades, influences, attracts, and inspires everyone encountered.

Jeremiah's Primary and Secondary Advantages combine to form his Archetype, The Victor.

How does the world see him? He is a strong leader who sets big goals. He pursues excellence across the board, and expresses himself with confidence. He is results-oriented; in a chaotic world, he maintains a sharp focus on objectives. Jeremiah is ambitious and competitive, constantly seeking ways to improve products, procedures, and ways of working.

What are his highest and best values? Jeremiah excels in his work and exceeds expectations. He impresses clients with a superb presentation and detailed product knowledge. He can achieve excellent results in the career he chooses to pursue.

Top 5 Specialty Adjectives


Jeremiah's impeccable presentation style earns him immediate respect from employees, clients, and colleagues. He never turns up to a meeting under-prepared.


He is ambitious. His career path shows a clear progression. Jeremiah knows what he wants to achieve in his career. He is a classic over-achiever, who enjoys being publicly recognized for his contributions to the company.


He doesn’t just want to get the job done; he wants to excel. He wants to get higher customer satisfaction scores each year. Jeremiah never rests because things can always be done better.


Jeremiah firmly keeps his eyes on company goals and his personal objectives. He doesn't get distracted. He knows what he wants to achieve.


He is a strong leader regardless of his position in an organization. His peers look to him as an example of success. He sets the tone in meetings.

Jeremiah's Archetype Twin is The Maestro. This archetype is the same advantages but flipped. Some individuals could see this as him on another day.

How does the world see him? He is a natural leader that makes decisions easily, reaches conclusions quickly, and then takes appropriate action. He has a strong will and driving force, and he has the “horsepower” to achieve big goals.

What are his highest and best values? Jeremiah provides influential leadership that improves performance and results. He not only has very high standards for himself, but for his co-workers. He has the Type-A determination necessary to push through tough challenges. The key to his personality’s value is his drive to succeed. He wants to be in charge of his own deliverables and not be over managed.

Top 5 Specialty Adjectives


Jeremiah's constant drive to improve keeps the bar high for himself (and others!). He has his career planned out. He knows exactly what he wants to achieve in five years’ time.


When he hones in on a goal, he pursues it with vigor and is unlikely to just passively observe.


Jeremiah has a game-loving competitive spirit and pursues life ambitiously.  


He stays committed in the face of challenge or obstacles. Jeremiah doesn't allow his team to back down or settle too easily when faced with problems.


While Jeremiah's drive can sometimes be perceived as intimidating, it can also be a stellar leadership advantage. He is a leader everyone follows naturally and respects.