Jeremiah Shepard's FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions


Why Project Managment?

He addresses that question in an article; however, the gist of it is that he likes new challenges.

Why are you taking your MBA?

1) Jeremiah loves to learn new things. 2) According to personality tests, he is a strategic thinker and wanted to hone that a little more.

How did you get such a pretty wife?

If you ever needed proof of miracles, Jeremiah reaching for Teresa is it.

Personal Brand

Where did the term "Shepard-ing" come from?

It's all Twitter's fault really. When Jeremiah was trying to choose a username all the iterations, minus ones with numbers, were taken. Shepard-ing popped into his head, and after verifying the definition, he went with it. Then, he put a twist on shepherding's definition and altered a shepherd's staff to appear in his logo.

Why aren't your blog articles consistent?

Using Eisenhower's Urgent/Important Principle, something has to give. Jeremiah honestly shouldn't even be redoing the website as much as he is, but he has a deadline to move from SquareSpace to WordPress. Jeremiah has a lot of draft articles, but with school, those get pushed down the priority list. Maybe in 2018, there will be more consistency. 

Why do you have a website?

This is fairly new for Jeremiah. In 2016, when he started looking for a new career challenge he created one to try to create more search hits when you search for him via a search engine. Knowing what he knows now, he wishes he used his middle initial in the URL as well. He is keeping it going since he likes web design and writing.

Why is most of the website in third-person?

Jeremiah wants you to remember Jeremiah's name, so Jeremiah writes it as often as possible. Jeremiah wants to also avoid sounding too weird, so Jeremiah substitutes the word Jeremiah with some pronouns as well. Except Jeremiah didn't do that here because Jeremiah thinks he is funny.


Where do you see yourself in five years?

  • From a career perspective, Jeremiah would like to have been a successful Sr. Project Manager and Manager approaching, if not at, a Director level.
  • From an education perspective, he will be done with his MBA-IT Management and more than likely have a certificate of some sort within Agile Project Management. After that, he wants to concentrate on reading non-fiction books, rather than being in formalized education for a bit.

Would you consider contracting?

It is not his first choice. He is an individual that likes having a stake in the game, and that is typically done as a full-time employee. If he would consider contracting, it would have to be long-term with a local firm.

Would you relocate?


How far are you willing to commute?

About a 15 mile radius (maybe 20). If you are not from around here, you might think that is short. During rush hour, depending on the direction, that could be anywhere from a 30-minute drive to a 60-minute one.

How often are you willing to travel?

Jeremiah's goal is 25% or less and his maximum is 50%. If it is closer to 50%, we should have some really candid conversations around that.