Testimonials about Jeremiah Shepard


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Vinny, Sr. Manager

I worked closely with Jeremiah for almost three years. He is a superb resource who achieves results with minimal direction. He demonstrates a high degree of expertise in managing tasks and in a very short time he streamlined the metrics reporting process for the Security organization. He is very flexible when needed but persistent enough to get results and has the ability to take on multiple new projects that are critical to the business without negatively impacting productivity.

Jeremiah's ambition to achieve results would be an asset to any future organization he works for.

Scott, Information Security Manager

Jeremiah is one of the most driven people I know. I’ve had the privilege of working alongside him for several years now and I continue to be impressed with his passion for knowledge, his customer service focus, and automation abilities when it comes to reporting. Jeremiah is smart, quick, and has amazing attention to detail. He is one of the most knowledgeable ITIL people I know and is my ‘go-to’ person for all things related to IT Service Management. 

He is never hesitant to share his experience and knowledge with others. Jeremiah’s thirst for knowledge and their practical applications have driven him to complete multiple certifications such as PMP and a university degree in the short time I’ve known him. 

Personally, I know Jeremiah to be a supporting friend, colleague, a loving son, husband, and father to his family and someone you want in your corner.

Jeremiah would be a huge asset to any organization and I would endorse Jeremiah to anyone who is looking for strong business expertise as a Service Manager / Project Manager. I feel confident giving him my highest recommendation. 

J.M., Delivery Manager

I've worked with Jeremiah in a number of capacities most recently managing him on the transition project team. Jeremiah is a natural leader who took charge of several implementation projects. He works well with the customer and Dell service areas to ensure expectations are met and the project is successful. 

One of his most memorable accomplishments was in regards to the transition operational procedure project. We were moving to a new ITSM tool and we took the opportunity to revise our existing documentation and create new processes, procedures, templates, and reference material to support this. In the end, there were over 50 documents that supported the team in such a way that it was of value to our newest transition service managers to our most seasoned ones.

Lysandra, Program Manager

I’d like to tell you how much I think of Jeremiah and how I truly believe he would be a strong addition to the team.

Jeremiah is the Project Manager on the BPMS project which has given me the opportunity to work alongside him for the past 6+ months. I wholeheartedly believe that Jeremiah would be an asset to the team. I have found Jeremiah to be consistently professional, hard-working, diligent, and willing to tackle all assignments with dedication and enthusiasm. He is a take-charge, intellectually curious person who is able to present thoughtful, innovative ideas and communicate the benefits. He has successfully created procedures documents and Visio workflows for Global & Account specific workflows that have resulted in a consolidation of over 60% of the OPASv2 forms into dynamic OPASv3 forms.  During my time with Dell Services, I have never met a person more intrigued by the work they have been assigned and he is always searching for new and more efficient ways for team members to do their jobs.  I have had the opportunity to work closely with the team over the past few years and I knew the minute I met Jeremiah that he would make a very strong contributor to the team because of his dedication, knowledge, and humility.

I highly recommend Jeremiah. He is a team player and would be a benefit to any organization.

Adam, Account Executive

I had the pleasure to meet and work with Jeremiah at Technifax Office Solutions. He was getting his first taste of a pure sales role and trying to learn the ropes, and I spent some time mentoring him for success. Jeremiah always hungers for knowledge and improvement, and he doesn't let a small failure deter him from a larger goal. He is an intensely determined individual and someone I would have no qualms about entrusting a project to. Given a defined plan and finish line, I can think of few people who are better capable of applying their organizational and technical skills to get the job done. 

On a personal note, he is also a warm and compassionate person to work with and I would struggle to think of a team he would have trouble working with. We have maintained a friendship since our relatively short time working together at Technifax. He would be an asset to any organization he joins.

Matt, Director of Enterprise Delivery

I first began my professional relationship with Jeremiah in 2004 at Perot Systems (now Dell Services). We were both employed in equal roles and worked on the same team, so we quickly became familiar with each other. In my time at Perot Systems, I found Jeremiah to certainly be more than competent in the technical skills required for the position. However, what impressed me most was his natural ability to work with others (both our clients and our internal team) to achieve the needs at hand. My professional career has always led me to be in roles that are client-centric. If there is one thing I have learned by hiring and building my teams, it is that you can only train a person in client relations to a certain point. Those that are the best, though, come by it naturally. Jeremiah is certainly a natural.

Unfortunately, I only had the pleasure to work with Jeremiah for about a year, as we parted ways when I took a position with my current company. However, we have still kept in touch from then through the present. During that time span, Jeremiah has impressed me further. He set a goal for himself to become a project manager. Unlike most people I have encountered, Jeremiah made serious effort to plan out the realistic steps required to accomplish that goal. While working full time, he steadfastly labored in his off time to make it happen, exemplifying his remarkable drive and focus. So many people today give up in this face of this kind of adversity, and simply settle for what is given to them. Jeremiah, though, has not wavered in his drive. He has constantly sought input and advice from me, as well as others in the industry, kept current on literature, and has never lost sight of the end goal (a critical trait for any successful project manager).

I understand what it takes to be successful as a project manager and have no doubt that Jeremiah Shepard has what it takes to thrive in the role. I have no doubt that, if you provide him the opportunity to prove that to you, you will not regret it.

S.H., Executive Manager

I would like to nominate Jeremiah Shepard for Department Manager of the Month of July for District 305.

Jeremiah Values the Team through utilization of his [self-created] communication log on a daily basis with his teams. He instituted MVP (Most Valuable Player) for the team as well. He also uses more Great Work cards than any other manager in the building. He recognizes leadership as well as team members, driving both the Team Member of the Month and Department Manager of the Quarter processes.

Jeremiah Takes Ownership of not only the processes in his department, but for processes throughout the building. In his new roles as key carrier, he takes ownership of the entire building and is trusted to oversee the store in the absence of the exempt team. He owns his [logistical] numbers and can speak to any process within the building.

Jeremiah Drives Results in the building by being one of the first to speak up about the benefits of all the changes we are currently undergoing, coaching, and training every step of the way. He takes personal responsibility of team member knowledge concerning the sales floor location and system led research and takes advantage of every opportunity to communicate out the new process and expectations.

Jeremiah Delights Our Guests and Acts with Integrity every second he spends on the [sales] floor and off. He has shown tremendous progress in his coaching technique when addressing the team and goes above and beyond when serving the guests. He even went out into the mall and retrieved a wheelchair for a guest that was having difficulty walking.

For all these reasons I believe that Jeremiah deserves to be Department Manager of the Month.

(Received award.)

MG.W., Co-Founder

Jeremiah is not only a diligent student to study with, mostly he is an ideal example of a team member. Having been on several teams with Jeremiah, his pursuit of research, ideas, and feedback is outstanding.

Vinny, Sr. Manager

Excerpt from 2016 & 2015 performance reviews.

Jeremiah is one of the most talented, experienced, and educated [project] service managers I know and it is a genuine pleasure to work with him. Jeremiah made significant headway in streamlining the metrics this year. Jeremiah is a key member of the team and is a trusted professional who has excellent ideas and will resolve issues in a timely manner. If he doesn't have the answer, he will go do the research, reaching out to others in the community and get back quickly.

Jeremiah has and continues to demonstrate an excellent work ethic. He has worked to streamline and document the process of gathering data. Over the past year, Jeremiah has made great strides to help us measure "what is important", and to cut out noise. Jeremiah's acute knowledge of Service Management has been a positive asset. We now have a much smoother Metrics meeting each month because of the due diligence he performs ahead of time. He has consistently delivered quality results when working with complex situations. Jeremiah can understand issues quickly and provides solutions to meet the identified challenge. Additionally, Jeremiah has a "Can-Do" attitude that is most refreshing. In the delivery of solutions, Jeremiah works to keep all of the teams up to speed and enjoys educating members, who may not have grasped the planned solution. 

K.T., Delivery Manager

Excerpt from 2014, 2013, & 2012 performance reviews.

Jeremiah is a great asset to the team. He has played a significant role in mentoring new staff and being the SME for Transition Management process and procedures on the TOPs program. Jeremiah is sought after for his application knowledge by coworkers and customers. He is very detailed in his work assignments. He led the BPMS project that now allows Dell Services to deliver leveraged services more efficiently. He led a multitude of resources to complete this project and this effort was no easy feat as resources were pulled quite often to support new business and current transitions. Jeremiah stepped into the lead TPM role on an account when that migration ran into trouble.  He and his team were able to get it turned around very quickly. 

Jeremiah is a great associate to have on the team. He is flexible and adapts to anything and everything [that is] thrown his way. Jeremiah is quick on his feet and faces challenges head on. Because of his dedication and willingness to learn he was promoted this year. WELL deserved.

Jeremiah has done a wonderful job of capturing the customer's needs and implementing them. Every task that is asked of him is done in a timely manner and is done with precision. Jeremiah is helpful to both his team and our customers. He is a quick study. He has a thirst for knowledge that will take him far. Thank you for the hard work and consistent delivery.