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At Alkami, we are focused on changing ordinary online and mobile banking into something of tremendous value for both the financial institution and their customers and members. Our sole focus is providing the ultimate digital banking solution to banks and credit unions. We accomplish this by focusing on the four key elements of our business: Build, Sell, Install, Support. It is only when all four of these elements work together that they are able to “transform lead to gold”.

What was in it for Jeremiah?

Jeremiah might still be in the honeymoon phase at Alkami, but he absolutely loves his job, the company culture, the people he works with, and his clients. Back into application project management and having a blast of using his natural talents and learning more and more. He is still going strong on his MBA-IT Management. Jeremiah thinks this has also presented else when it comes to his future...small business, not a large corporation. He is a change agent at heart and Alkami is open to change and improvement, not only from their employees but their clients, too!

What is in it for you?

Stay tuned...


Sr. Project Manager (Feb. 2017 - present)


  • In the words of the Chief Delivery Officer in month four: "I hear you got a new project." ... "When you are good, we punish you by giving you more work."
  • Jeremiah instituted the cultural phenomenon, High-Five Thursday (#Hi5Thurs on social media). Thursdays can be a weird day, so within Jeremiah's organization he gives out awesome high-fives to start the day off right for everyone involved.
  • Created and successfully delivered an internal project proposal to improve the client experience by re-organizing the documentation library, updating and adding supportive documentation, and applying lessons learned to the implementation process. The project was approved and I was appointed project lead.


  • Jeremiah is leading multiple implementation projects for enterprise-scale cloud software solutions for small to large financial institutions deploying to desktop, tablet, and mobile (Android, iOS).
  • He is responsible multiple, simultaneous projects (program management) similar in size, but varied in complexity.
  • He is collaborating in an open office environment with a group of diverse, intelligent, and passionate professionals including Technical Consultants and Engineers, Product Managers, Developers, and Account Management during the lifecycle of the project to ensure the clients’ needs are met.
  • Jeremiah is the primary point of contact for all client inquiries for projects being managed.
  • He provides regular input to the Services management team on process improvements and best practices.
  • He coordinates with multiple third-party vendors to establish integration and perform testing.
  • Jeremiah utilizes multiple tools to stay organized and deliver successful projects, such as JIRA, Confluence, SalesForce, and Microsoft Project.

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