Volunteer - hands raised


Jeremiah D Shepard not only strives to be a servant leader at work, but in his community as well, through volunteer efforts or raising awareness.

Hope Fellowship

In 2016, Jeremiah started serving Middle to High School students as an Guest Experience and Operations Volunteer at his church's Wednesday night Student Ministry.

In 2017, he volunteered at the two-day Women's conference.

Extra Life

Jeremiah has been participating in Extra Life as a Fundraiser since 2014. It is held once a year as a 24-hour video game marathon. Along with a group of friends, they raise money and awareness for Children's Miracle Network hospitals. 

ViewPoint Bank

As a Public Speaker, Jeremiah delivered CRA (Community Reinvestment Act) money management seminars and presentations to the public and to Avid classes. Topics would include budgeting, savings, credit, and more money management concepts. With the comments from the individuals after the presentation, he really felt like he was helping make a difference in people's lives.

Catalyst Pyrotechnics

Since 2005, Jeremiah been a Pyro-Technician Assistant for the week leading up to the Independence Day show. This is a privately-funded fireworks celebration for Burnet County, Texas. Invitations are extended to the Wounded Warriors at San Antonio VA Healthcare. The show lasts over 20 minutes and is synchronized to music transmitted over FM. Jeremiah works with a team to deploy racks, shells, and modules, wire e-matches, audio set-up, and conduct physical security. It is hot and a lot of work, but when he sees and hears the finished product, along with the crowd's reactions, it is all worth it.